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Aimmds is an organization training MDS Aspirants for the most competitive entrance exams . The primary objective of Aimmds is to make the preparation process well organized , planned and focused to help students crack the entrance exams .

Established in 2009 , Aimmds started as a regular coaching centre in Bangalore evolving with the state of the art facilities like online virtual classes , online test papers , targetted curriculum , easy to understand videos , dedicated teachers and live chat support system that make Aimmds unique in itself .

Aimmds is the only program built from the ground up to focus on the experience preparing for the test . We believe that the best way to master the exam's content and strategies is by making the study experience engaging , and for this engaging process our programs offer the widest range of learning tools to personalize a student's study protocol .

Aimmds offers unique features to help in a smarter preparation towards achieving the final goal - MDS